Need a Dependable and Professional Freelance Technical Writer?

With over 20 years experience as a technical writer working with both hardware and software, with commercial and mil spec documentation, and in companies ranging in size from start-up companies to large corporations, I believe I can help you with technical writing. Here are some reasons why:

  • Solid technical background. After technical school, I worked as a depot and field technician and as an instructor before becoming a technical writer. You can be confident that I have the technical background to write about your product or service.
  • Strong writing skills. I know how to make complicated issues clear. Syndicated real estate columnist Robert Bruess called my book, The Homeowner’s Property Tax Relief Kit (McGraw-Hill, 1992), “one of the best, if not the best book on the subject.” End-users can easily understand what they’re reading.
  • Excellent project management skills. I’ve successfully worked with engineers, writers, and management on complex and difficult projects. No need for you to worry about missing milestones and delivery dates.
  • Expertise with documentation and other internal process tools. I have over twenty-five years of experience using FrameMaker, Word, Acrobat Professional to create source documentation files. You’ll get your technical documentation is in a suitable format.
  • Experience with both hardware and software documentation. I’ve worked in manufacturing facilities building hardware products and I’ve worked within some fairly complex software development processes. I know what’s necessary for both types of documentation.
  • Documentation process expertise. As a documentation lead, I tracked new features on different software release trains, delegated feature-writing assignments, and ensured documentation was ready for first customer shipment.  You can be sure I understand the documentation process.
  • Versatility. With a liberal arts education and over twenty-five years experience in industry, I can provide effective documentation for different technical audiences.
  •  Off-site office and equipment. I work in my own office with my own equipment. You save on the cost of equipment and avoid the problem of finding office space.
  •  Competitive rates. Fees based on the 2014 Writer’s Market guarantee that you pay only the going rate.
  •  Solid references. “Larry reported to me for a number of years when he was our lead technical writer for the Cisco 7600 product line. He consistently demonstrated a high degree of technical expertise on the products he supported, and quickly came up to speed on new products. .. He consistently produced a high volume of documentation that earned some of the best customer satisfaction scores at Cisco. I’m pleased to recommend Larry.” Rich Thayer, Technical Publications Manager, Cisco Systems

Check out my site. If you like what you see, perhaps we can work together on a project. Thanks for your time and interest.

Larry Czaplyski

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